Who Are We?

Welcome to Bombay Home! We are a family-owned cattery located in MA State, dedicated to the love and care of Bombay cats. Our passion for Bombay cats began years ago when we welcomed our first kitten into our home. Since then, we have devoted ourselves to breeding and raising healthy, well-socialized, and joyful Bombay kittens.

At Bombay Kitten Home, the well-being of our cats is our top priority. We maintain a clean and secure environment, following ethical breeding practices, and working closely with our veterinarian to ensure the health and happiness of our cats.

Our kittens are raised with love and care, receiving plenty of socialization from an early age. This helps them adapt easily to various environments and bond well with their new families. We believe in finding the perfect match between our kittens and their forever homes, ensuring a lifelong and loving companionship.

We take immense pride in our Bombay kittens and strive to produce kittens that meet the breed standards. Each kitten comes with a health guarantee and is up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming, providing peace of mind to their new families.

Thank you for considering Bombay Home as your trusted source for exceptional Bombay kittens. We look forward to helping you find your perfect feline companion!

Troy Gray
Owner Founder

I am the owner of Russian Blue Kitten Home, and I have a passion for breeding and raising healthy and well-adjusted Sphinx cats. I prioritize the health and wellbeing of my cats and follow ethical breeding practices, including genetic testing and regular veterinary check-ups.

Richy Lace
Client Service Representative

As a Client Service Representative for Russian Blue Kitten Home, my top priority is to provide excellent customer service to all our clients. I understand that adopting a new kitten can be a big decision, and I’m here to help guide you through the process.

Jane Gray
Veterinarian Assistant

A veterinarian assistant is an essential member of the veterinary healthcare team who works alongside veterinarians and veterinary technicians to provide quality care to animals.

July Wood
Customer Support

As a responsible and ethical breeder of Russian Blue cats, it’s important to provide not only high-quality kittens, but also excellent customer support. At Russian Blue Kitten Home, we understand that bringing a new kitten into your home is a big decision and we want to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Ethical Breeding Standards

At Bombay Kitten Home, we hold ethical breeding practices in the highest regard. We prioritize the health and well-being of our cats, and we are committed to maintaining ethical standards to ensure that all our Bombay kittens are healthy, well-socialized, and of exceptional quality.

Our breeding cats undergo regular genetic testing and comprehensive veterinary check-ups to ensure their health and to prevent the passing on of any genetic conditions to their offspring. We provide a clean and secure environment for our kittens, ensuring proper nutrition and ample socialization, which contributes to their development into healthy and well-adjusted adults.

We strictly adhere to the breed standards established by esteemed cat organizations, such as the Cat Fanciers’ Association, to preserve the distinctive physical characteristics and temperament of the Bombay breed.

As a prospective owner of a Bombay cat, we strongly encourage you to conduct thorough research and select a reputable breeder who upholds ethical breeding practices. We are dedicated to equipping our clients with the necessary knowledge and support to provide the best care for their kittens, and we take great pride in the health and exceptional quality of all our cats.

Adoption Information for Bombay Kittens From Us

Thank you for considering adopting a Bombay kitten from our cattery in Gonzales, Texas. To ensure that our kittens are placed in loving and suitable homes, we kindly request potential adopters to complete our online kitten application. The application covers essential questions about your lifestyle, previous experience with pets, and your expectations as a pet owner. Once we receive your application, we will promptly reach out to you for further discussion.

Deposit Costs

If you wish to reserve an available Bombay kitten, we require a $500 deposit at the time of reservation. For those interested in joining our waiting list, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot. Our waiting list operates on a pick/pass system, allowing you to wait for your preferred choice of a kitten. Please note that the deposit amount is applied to the purchase cost when a kitten becomes available. The remaining balance must be paid when the kitten reaches 12 weeks of age or before you pick up the kitten, whichever comes first.

Receiving Your Kitten

We offer options for both pick-up and delivery of your Bombay kitten. If needed, we can arrange for a nanny service to facilitate transportation. Our nannies are typically off-duty flight attendants who specialize in providing care during transportation for Bombay cats.

Regular Care for a Bombay

Bombay cats have specific care requirements that deserve attention due to their unique characteristics. For helpful tips on how to provide the best care for your Bombay kitten, please visit our Bombay Cat Care Tips webpage.

Veterinarian Care

Your Bombay kitten will come with a health certificate from a veterinarian, along with copies of the negative HCM scan results from both parents. It is crucial to take your kitten to a veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving them. Finding a vet who is familiar with the Bombay breed is important for their well-being, and we can recommend a veterinarian located in Texas.

We recommend the following vaccinations:

  • FVRCP: The first dose should be administered between 6-8 weeks, followed by subsequent doses every 4 weeks until 16 weeks (4 total).
  • FeLV: Administered once during the first year of life.
  • Rabies: Administered once during the first year of life, and then annually for life.
  • No FIP! It is important to note that the FIP vaccination has been associated with FIP outbreaks in the Bombay breed and is considered fatal.

Thank you for considering adopting a Bombay kitten from us. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to ensure that our kittens are placed in the best possible homes, where they will be happy and healthy throughout their lives.